Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Understanding the Organized Student

Chapter 2
Getting Started: The Journey Ahead

Chapter 3
Lessons from the Black Hole: The Locker and the Backpack

Chapter 4
Traveling Paper: The Binder-Based and Accordion File-Based System

Chapter 5
Where Paper Lives at Home: The Desktop Filing System

Chapter 6
Settling Down to Work: The Desk and the Portable Office

Chapter 7
Understanding Time Management: The Basics

Chapter 8
Making Time Work: The Planner

Chapter 9
Big-Picture Planning: Electronic, Monthly, and Household

Chapter 10
It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over: The End-of-Year Wrap-up

Chapter 11
The Final Frontier: The Teenager’s Bedroom

Chapter 12
Oh, Yes—Expect the Unexpected

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